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Flat Fee Prosecution - Flat Fee for PCT

What is a flat fee prosecution service?

Our flat fee prosecution service entails a flat service fee for the entire PCT national phase, from filing to final grant, enabling clients to enjoy cost transparency and predictability along the lifecycle of a patent application.

We take the responsibility for the entire lifecycle of your foreign patent applications:

• from filing to grant for a flat fee per country
• If desired with one patent attorney as your single point of contact

Your benefits

  • The unitary fee allows you to keep control of prose- cution costs and enjoy budget security
  • Get rid of tedious formalities and lower administrative burden by having a single point of contact if desired
  • Concentrate on your core competences to create value
  • Experienced, highly qualified, skilled and multilingual patent attorneys
  • Worldwide representation through an established global network of local representatives

Köllner & Partner and the Flat Fee service

Dr. Köllner initiated the flat fee service in 2013. Since then, the service has been further developed and continuously extended. Business intelligence tools and graphical reporting have been added.

Moreover, a growing network of international patent attorneys to further roll out the service in up-to-now 60 countries has been established

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