INOPTEC Limited.   |   Germany

The patent law firm in Frankfurt has been beneficial to my startup INOPTEC Ltd. in cost-saving patent strategy, concrete formulation of claims, and their application, primarily through the experience and under the leadership of patent attorney Dr. Malte Köllner.

Dr. Köllner and his team understood perfectly, strategically, tactically, and in terms of content what it means when a small startup with limited human and financial resources wants to successfully complete such an extensive application, with a total of 8 patents in 10 countries (80 IP procedures).

In addition, special methodical tools for the analysis of claims and citations were used, resulting in 2 successfully granted patents in Germany, followed by an utterly successful examination by the European Patent Office. The EPO recognized all eight patents without contradiction..

As the founder of INOPTEC Ltd, I am indebted to Dr. Malte Köllner, as he and his team ensured the survival and success of my small startup at all times helpfully and thoughtfully.

Today, 2-3 years later, well-known large corporations are negotiating with us to become co-owners via share acquisition or win us as a development partner..

Therefore, I can assure without exaggeration that the team in Frankfurt has played a significant role in the success of our still very young history - and we are far from reaching our goal.

With kind and obliged recommendation.

Ralf Knoll
Managing Director

Founder, Inventor and CEO of INOPTEC Ltd. / Munich; London; Cambridge

R. Andexlinger   |   Austria

I want to thank you and your team most sincerely for your help, the extraordinarily excellent support (especially the prompt response to questions) in the monetization of my patents. Not only that, since our first contact a year ago, the licensing phase - mainly due to your experience and expertise - got going and was completed very successfully. In the meantime, a buyer could be found for all patents. Without your assistance, this would not have been possible in a relatively short time. Your service has exceeded my expectations by far!

R. Andexlinger

Benjamin Warehouse AG   |   Germany

Highly qualified, friendly, and well above the norm counseling. I especially recommended the assistance and preparation of patent applications!

Lars Bergmann
Inventor and Owner

Samson AG; |   Germany

Very competent and recommendable. The preliminary work and the targeted elaboration of the inventive features, together with the inventors, are very structured and clear. The cost structure is also transparent.

Rainer Oberheim
Organization of IP development

Ron G.   |   Germany

Highly recommend!
I was delighted with the performance of Dr. Köllner and his team. I received competent and targeted advice and felt understood and in good hands at all times. Dr. Köllner and his team were available to answer any questions I had. They also took a lot of time to familiarize themselves with my project and addressed every detail in particular. My request was dealt with adequately, competently, in detail, in a targeted manner, and on time.

Thanks a lot to the team and best regards!.