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Patents drafting and filing

Inventions and also manufacturing processes are patentable. Therefore, an invention has to meet certain criteria. It must be in a field of technology, and it must be new, inventive and industrially applicable, i.e. designed for use in reality. An invention is considered "new and inventive" if it would not have been obvious to a person skilled in the art.

The protection granted by a patent is territorial. An invention is therefore only protected in the state in which a patent has been granted for the invention. This is also the case for international patents, only the application procedure is simplified for international patent applications. However, whether a patent is granted for the invention in an international patent application is decided in each case by the national or regional patent offices and courts.

It is therefore a complex area of law before a patent can be granted. A current example from case law can be found, for example, in our blog article BPatG: Patent application on autonomous vehicles with AI.

Drafting and filing patents

A patent specification is a carefully drafted document containing various sections, e.g. the claims and the description. The wording of the individual sections of the patent specification must be chosen deliberately. This is because the wording of the patent specification must already take into account that later amendments are possible. It is also advisable to file all required parts of a patent specification when filing an application in order to avoid problems with later amendments (keyword: inadmissible extension of the scope of protection).

Our law firm Köllner & Partner has particular expertise in drafting patent claims, including mechanical, chemical, optical, computer-implemented and software-related inventions and AI applications. This is appreciated by our clients, as is our transparent cost structure. Please read more under references or on our Google account.

We pride ourselves on responding precisely to our clients' needs and developing tailored solutions. We make your invention our business. We can advise and assist you in all areas of patent law and in patenting your invention, including in the areas of

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