Dr. Thomas Viehmann

THomas Viehmann
Name Dr. Thomas Viehmann
Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Phys.

Date/Place of Birth September 24, 1975 in Leiden (Netherlands)
1994 A-Levels (Abitur) (1,0)
1995-2003 study of physics at Cologne University
2002-2003 diploma thesis in astrophysics
2003 diploma in physics
2003-2007 dissertation (astrophysics) at „I. Physikalisches Institut“, Cologne University
2003-2008 employed as scientific assistant at „I. Physikalisches Institut” (astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics), Cologne University (workgroup of Prof. Dr. Eckart)
2007 PhD in physics (Dr. rer. nat.): magna cum laude
2008-2009 employed as coordinator for practical courses at “I. Physikalisches Institut“, Cologne University
Since 2011, Thomas Viehmann works as a patent engineer at Köllner & Partner.
Languages English (fluend)
French (basics)

Thomas Viehmann